There is something big and important going on in agriculture today and that is the movement to create a more sustainable food system-one that is not exhausting our water and soil, leaving toxic waste byproducts, or leaning heavily on petroleum and non-renewable energy in production. With increasing evidence of climate change, occurrence of extreme weather conditions such as droughts, and depletion of natural resources such as water and topsoil, a shift in how we utilize these resources is paramount to the the health of environment and our population.  At the same time, heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disease has reached epidemic proportions as our human biology struggles to adapt to a modern diet which has drastically changed in the last 50 years due to shifts in industry and agriculture.  This is a collection of articles, interviews and discussions that attempts to capture what is going on in our food system, how industrial agriculture has changed our diet in the last 50 years, how it’s practices impacts human health and the environment, why the health of our soil matters to everyone, and the challenges, realities, and inspiring people getting us to a more sustainable food system.